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Apr. 30th, 2009

what is that saying? hindsight is 20/20?

isn't it crazy how if we only knew then what we know now right? I wish my future self could come talk to me now.. I wonder what I would say to me? Maybe if I concentrate long enough and hard enough I can hear it.

so we went to mexico in late February.. had a GREAT time... I mean, seriously.. fell in LOVE with the small town of puerto morelos.

the main square in town held a basketball court and a small playground for kids and surrounding the square there were very small restaurants and shops.. but nothing like you imagine... I mean.. this was a VILLAGE. Not a city, not a town, A FREAKIN' VILLAGE... with two main roads leading to the square. We would walk to town on the beach and walk back late at night with a million stars actually twinkling above us. and our room at our resort? huge! gorgeous! fabulous! I used my spanish a bit and had a full conversation with a guy at the Tulum ruins... I felt proud... still have a long way to go though with the spanish.. Anyway we went, we saw, and we did not get sick!

here are some quick thoughts on mexico:

coconut ice cream
playing with monkeys
waking up at 3 am to watch tv and cuddle
falling asleep by 9 pm
fish, fish, more fish!
tulum ruins were like entering another time
pesos make you feel like you are spending a lot of money when you aren't
everyone we encountered was super friendly
cancun airport is hectic
you can buy three tacos, one soda, and one water for about 3.50!

wow, I just had something else in mind to talk about and it literally flew away from me.. I'm sitting here in the dark trying to get it back.

it's windy out right now.. so windy I could hear it.. when I hear the wind it makes me think of mary.. but I've been thinking about her a lot lately.

it's a crossroads for us right now... to move or not move? to have a baby or not? to get a new job? to go back to school? but then again it is a strange period for the entire world right now isn't it what with the economy and all... I can feel it.

maybe when that thought comes back to me I'll return with it here to livejournal.

I miss all my friends. Even if I have not talked to you in years.. you are still in my heart.

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