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* I have the incredible urge lately to bake.... like a lot. Like I picture myself making 15 different kinds of christmas cookies with flour in my hair. Too bad I don't have the time or money to do so.

* I bought Tim this really cool thing for christmas.. I'm not going to describe it here in case he reads this, but I'll take a picture of it after he opens it.. I think I must have a warped sense of humor or something though since I bought it.. and it was totally on a whim.. just saw it, loved it, and bought it. (then wondered if I should have).

* this is gross but I had this gnarly fungus on two of my toenails. I went to the doctor who gave me a prescription for a medicine ... but my insurance won't cover it unless they have "proof" that I really need the medicine. WTF? Isn't the prescription from my doctor proof enough??!!?? So I had to let my nails grow out, then cut some of them off and take them in as a sample. so gross. Who in the world has to deliver toenail clippings in a ziplock bag?? Me! that's who. Now my two toes have hardly any toenail on them at all... weird!

* I have GOT to start working out again ... I gained two pounds in Florida which I never thought could happen after all the walking we did, but it did! I guess it was all that yummy food.. and speaking of which.. I ate this thing called "school bread" from Norway which I am now obsessed with. It's basically like a bread-y dinner roll that is filled with vanilla custard and topped with a sweet glaze covered in coconut. mmmmmmmmmmm. seriously, the best thing I have ever tasted in my life. I found the recipe and am going to try to make it soon.. here's a pic:

back from the warmth

Tim and I got home sunday night from our florida vacation.. we were spending time with my family at disneyworld and I got to meet my sisters new boyfriend (who I have a feeling could end up being my brother in law.. but we shall see!)... anyway.. we had a great time. During the landing into orlando, I could feel a smile come over my face as I looked at the sunshine ... I could feel the warmth already before I even stepped off the plane and I told Tim that I just can't help it, I'm a southern girl. I really am. No matter if I spend the rest of my life in New York, I'm at my best in the sunshine.

here is a photo of Tim and I... a little over a year after our wedding .. at the spot where we got married in 2007 - I'm still completely and totally in love:

Happy Holidays everyone.. I hope you all are safe, warm, and surrounded by family and friends.

more on dancing...

and speaking of dancing.... here's yet another thing I would eventually love to do in my lifetime.... these people are amazing.. the speed and excitement of it! it's pretty much the coolest dancing ever.

My hips don't lie

This morning I decided to try and take a Zumba class here in town... if you don't know what it is.. zumba is basically a series of dance/salsa lessons/classes to work out with and lose weight. They started as videos you could order and now there are zumba classes all over the place. Here's a sample:

it was really a lot of fun and I think I may continue to take them on Friday mornings... we did about a 45 minute work out and I can tell you, I was sweating by the end of it and wasn't even really giving it my all as far as the intensity of the dancing goes (partly because I was trying to learn the new steps-they just go straight into the dances and you have to just learn as you go!). Anyway.. it was really fun and I can see how people could find it addictive!

Nothing much else to report for now.. things are pretty much the same, work, watch tv, go to spanish class, work out, do it all over again. Tim and I went to see Zack and Miri make a porn last weekend.. while it was good, it wasn't as good as I expected it to be for some reason... I'd say the first half was better than the second half.

so, that's really all that's happening with me.. here's another video of a zumba dancer.. if you're into that kinda thing anyway. The instructor in this video is amazing. I'd love to be able to move my body like that someday... lol. Do you think that is something that a person can learn to do though? or do you just have to have that in you? well, anyway.. here's the video.. have a great weekend everyone.

oh, one more thing.. how could I not talk about the election right? I woke up early that morning and went downtown in the early morning darkness to cast my vote.. honestly, it felt really good .. like I was a part of something historic.. and I stayed up all night to hear Obama speak... It really felt like one of those moments.. when our kids will say "where were you that night mom?" or something like that. I did get a bit teary and while I'm very happy that Obama will be in the white house come January.. I also feel like there is a lot of hard work ahead of us as a nation... hopefully we are ready and willing to do the work.... I guess we shall find out.

Halloween 2008.

It's halloween and I'm really thinking a lot about Mary.. and all of my family who have passed on. My aunt... so frail and barely living as I held her hand last year... my grandparents who are gone.. my aunt who lived with us for a year and died in a hospital in houston.. my uncle who passed away on his kitchen floor years ago.

Death must not be so strange and crazy as everyone has to go through it right? .. maybe it's not so bad after all?

anyway... today is about more than candy and costumes... and I'm going to spend the day thinking about those people that I loved that have moved on.

Happy Halloween everyone!

more music.

hotness now playing on my ipod:



American girl.

since I've been with Tim I dont seem to listen to music as much anymore which is strange considering both he and I are big music lovers. I would say I used to pick up on one new artist every few years that would be great and I would immediately start wanting to know everything about them... people like fiona apple, joan osborne, jill scott, phbalance, spearhead, new monsoon, and antibalas afrobeat orchestra. Honestly though, I haven't picked up on any new music... I mean REALLY dove head first into it... since Joanna Newsom and that was back when I was living in Austin in 2005. Well, maybe this is just a one hit wonder type thing with me... but I'm REALLY diggin the song "american boy" by estelle... I just sampled the rest of her album on itunes and the whole thing sounds pretty great... I may have to buy it. It makes me want to live in NYC actually which is funny considering I really didn't like NYC all that much on my first visit back in 1999.. or was it 1998? hmmm. Now I do sometimes daydream about living there. Too bad it's so damn expensive.. just visiting is even hard to do and we live 5 hours away.

so here's the video for american boy if somehow you have missed it being played on vh1:

later today (it's 4:28 in the morning and I can't sleep) we are going apple picking with tim's mom, sister, and our nephews harrison and henry. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll have a nice time! I should make an apple pie!

Sep. 28th, 2008

As tim and I settled onto the couch this evening we flipped through the channels and were pleasantly surprised to find there were actually some really great shows on tonight...

1. Planet Earth - the BBC/discovery channel show that is beautifully filmed showing different animals/landscapes/nature of our world.

2. There was a really cool show on PBS about dogs and where they come from... some scientist guy has a theory that all dogs originate from one species that started somewhere in east asia... I guess the actual location is yet to be known and they are doing research on it.

3. On 60 minutes they were talking about "CERN" - a group of scientists who are working with a huge machine (the large hadron collider) to study particles and all sorts of things that are way above my head. You may have heard of this as "the machine that might cause a black hole that will swallow the earth" (which, of course, it didn't do). It's really mind blowing and amazing to think of the possibilities that these people could come up with... I mean, I think they even mentioned the words "teleportation" and "alternate universes"! wow! It also turns out that Tim's company has tested some metal samples for these guys.. so in a tiny, small way.. Tim has had his hand in all of this which is sort of exciting.. at least for me, being married to him and all. I told tim.. that's the thing about dying that I think sucks... not being around to witness all of these amazing advances and wonderful things that will be happening.

you can watch the CERN video here: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4484053n

honestly, if it wasn't for project runway and jon and kate plus eight (my two guilty pleasures) I would have no need for cable tv.

Embracing the dorkiness.

I know this is totally lame but I really like America's favorite financial advice giving lesbian, Suze Orman. She is going to be on Oprah today (Suze ORMANNNNNNNN!) and I'm kinda excited... I will work out during the show then get ready for mi classe de espanol. hmm.. so what's new....

Tim and I went and saw "burn after reading" which was really good... we went to the manlius theater to see it. I like going there a lot because first of all it's such a quaint little area/village/town. I like how small the theater is and how they only take cash. It feels like a place where everyone knows each other.. the seats may be small and old and the floors may not be shiny and new, but there is so much character there. I also love how the theater is narrow yet long and the owner comes out and introduces the film before they play it. While there the owners wife (?) said to me "oh, are you julia's daughter?"... Julia. Not Julia Smith or Julia Martin.. just Julia. You know.. Julia from Manlius... Julia that everyone knows.

We went walking around the neighborhood before the movie started and with the cool weather kicking in it really felt like fall. We were admiring all of the gardens and colonial homes and I was wearing a thin, grey scarf. In the middle of our walk there was a light drizzle of rain so I threw it up over my head, babishka style, and it all seemed very romantic.

vino rojo por favor.

hola cada uno! ¡el tiempo es hoy tan hermoso! esta noche mi marido y yo vamos a hablar con nuestro agente de viajes sobre nuestro viaje con México. I' ¡m muy emocionado! ¡La vida es hermosa y soy tan feliz! ¡Te amo todos!