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A night in Austin

I had been to my friend's apartment a few times previous to this but this night I was going to be meeting some of her friends and hanging out, and if they were anything like her I knew I was in for an interesting night. I walked up the stairs and into her small one bedroom to find her place filled with a variety of eclectic people. I'd say there were at least 10 to 15 people wandering around, moving from the outside balcony into the kitchen and back again. When I walked in she gave me a bright, warm smile and hugged me tight. Her apartment was simple filled with found furniture, pictures of her favorite bands and musicians on the walls, and drums in the corner of the room. That's why I liked her so much. Even though she was about 8 years my junior we had a lot in common and she seemed more mature than her 20 years of age. I walked into the kitchen and was surprised to find her mother in there along with her friends. Her mom was just as beautiful as she was and looked fairly young even though she was probably in her late 40's. It was kind of funny in a cool way to see her mom "partying" with her and her friends. I sat at her table and chatted with her mother and another young girl about random things and nothing in particular. The incense in the room was thick and made it smell like a rock concert was going on. Everyone was so friendly, smiling at each other and me, drinking alcohol and some marijana smoking was quite possibly going on though I don't remember seeing any outright and I didn't partake myself. It was just such a chill, relaxed atmosphere. I remember feeling like these were the people in Austin I wanted to hang out with. These were "my" people. Don't get me wrong, I had met many interesting people since moving to Austin 6 months previously but for some reason this night, these people, just felt like I belonged there even though I didn't know 99% of the crowd (that was horribly written btw but I'm keeping it in anyway lol).

After sitting at the kitchen table for a while I decided to go out onto the balcony and get some air. I grabbed a beer and opened the sliding glass door where I was met by 4 or 5 people sitting in an assortment of folding lawn chairs. I was greeted with hellos and again, I did not know a single person out there. Someone got up to go inside and I took their seat, popped open my beer, and took a nice cold swing. There is something about drinking a cold beer outside in the muggy Texas air. That and possibly having a cigarette with it. I can't remember the exact conversation out on that balcony except that we were talking about travel. Places we had been, places we wanted to go, places we had heard about. I remember thinking to myself that I never find people who want to discuss travelling. The conversation was so easy as each person spoke up when they felt the time was right and no one was talking over each other and there were no awkward silences. A few jokes were cracked here and there and most of us on the balcony were probably at least buzzed I would say. I can't remember how long I sat out there but I eventually walked back inside and it was at that point that a friend of mine I had invited showed up to the party. That was another thing about Austin, most of the time everyone really had a "the more is merrier" attitude. You could (and would) invite friends over to parties and no one minded. No one had that "oh, don't invite more girls" (or guys) thing going on which I've witnessed before. Or that "well who is your friend" type thing. Everyone in Austin is always up for meeting new folks, and I think that's why Austin has such a small town feel. It seems like everyone knows everyone and I loved that city for that. For some reason my friend and I left to go to the store or pick someone up and I have a feeling I didn't make it back to the party that night. I probably ended up somewhere else and had a few more drinks only to go home and pass out in my bed alone.

Either way, I just will always remember that night in Austin at my friends party. How I felt there among her friends.. I felt for a second in my life like *I* was a "cool" person.. hanging out with other "cool" people and we all "got" each other. It was effortless.. not like any of us were trying. It was comfortable and a bit exciting as well. I think it is times like those that I miss the most in my new married, mommy life. Not that I'm complaining. I am so grateful for the memories of those times and it's not like I won't have them again. As a matter of fact we are going out for sushi night this coming Wednesday with some of Tim's coworkers and I think it's time I try my hand at actually being social and pleasant. There were moments you know when I could actually be quite the conversationalist and the life of the party.

(side note: this started out kinda like me trying to actually "write" something (though it was all freeform and stream of conciousness) and ended up more like a journal entry but what the hell). :)


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Jan. 31st, 2012 07:55 pm (UTC)
i keep putting off commenting because i wanted to really take my time and say all the wonderfully worded supportive things that are dancing in the back of my mind... but as things have been a bit crazy for me as of late, let me just say this: keep writing. As an exercise, as a catharsis, as an outlet, as whatever. I find that writing can have a focusing and calming effect on my life, and when i fall off the wagon my emotions can get more overwhelming. More selfishly, i miss your updates and knowing what is going on in your life.
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